Jody and Sarah Fox - this phase of our Journey as IMB missionaries in Niger, West Africa

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our New Home!

We have safely arrived at the International Learning Center (ILC) in Rockville, Virginia for our Field Personnel Orientation (FPO). After worshipping with Parsons Baptist Church on Easter, we traveled down to West Virginia and then on to the Richmond area on Monday, taking some time to enjoy the view of the New River. The drive down was gorgeous and we enjoyed the beautiful sights of spring and the Appalachian Mountains. Unfortunately we found out our air conditioning in the van was broken, so we were sweating and feeling drained most of the trip…the training for Africa has begun!

On Monday we arrived in time for dinner, unpacking the van, and getting stuff put away. Then we had to wake up bright and early Tuesday (6:15) so that we could get the kids dressed, fed breakfast and at school by 7:30 for the first day. All that to say, we had a very tiring last few days and I’m sure many more to come! Here are some pics of where we’ll be living the next 8 weeks.

This is where we live…there are 5 apts. in here with one common area for all to share.

Our kitchen area and washer and dryer

Our Kitchen table/desk

Jody and Sarah's bedroom

The girl’s room (Jordan’s on the bottom bunk, Camryn on the other twin bed, and Lauren in the crib)

The playground right outside our apt. There are other playgrounds on campus, but this is the closest one to us.

The lake on campus that the girls have already been throwing rocks into!

Camryn showing off her friendship necklace that she made in class. It lists all her classmates (8 total) and has helped her learn most of their names already.

We are excited to be here and ask that you would pray for us to make the most of this time through building relationships and having a focus to learn many things to get ready for the field. We desire to grow in our walks with the Lord as we prepare to go into battle on the front lines. We need to be prepared and strengthened in many ways!

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  1. WOW! It looks nice! A playground right outside your apartment? Awesome!

    Michael and I will continue to pray for you all on JOURNEY!