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Friday, April 22, 2011


While visiting and sharing with churches these last six weeks, many have asked if we have prayer cards. Well, the answer now is YES! It was a painful photo session, but we came up with a workable picture. It was not painful because of our photographer; we had a family friend Rick Horsfall take the pictures and design the cards. He does wonderful work and his website is (hint, hint). The session was painful because of the fact three young children were involved. Any of you with young kids know what I’m talking about! It was a stressful photo session filled with much bribery. Unfortunately the one who would not cooperate is too young to understand a bribe. Lauren would not sit still for the life of her! The funniest part was what she did after we finally called it quits on our photo session. She actually tugged on Rick’s leg to get his attention and then went right in front of the backdrop, sat down, and gave a smile! Apparently pictures with the family were not cool and she wanted to be the STAR!

The following churches will have our prayer cards on hand: Parsons Baptist, Violet Baptist, Bloom Baptist, Capshaw Baptist, Bethany Baptist, Corry CMA, Sparrow, and Northfield Baptist. Also our parents will have extras. If you’re not able to get a prayer card through one of those churches, please e-mail us ( your address and we will be more than happy to send you one! We covet your prayers!

P.S. We used to print our prayer cards and they did a great job! If you ever place an order with them, follow the link in the post above this one and we will earn referral rewards that we can put towards our prayer cards for next term!

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