Jody and Sarah Fox - this phase of our Journey as IMB missionaries in Niger, West Africa

Monday, August 15, 2011

Our Awesome Playground

We just wanted to show you all some pictures of where we're living. I decided to start with the playground! For these first few months we are living in the capital city, Niamey. We are staying at the Baptist Mission Guesthouse. This is a gated compound that has several guesthouses as well as an office building and missionary lounge and meeting area. Basically it's the hub for all the IMB missionaries in Niger. Those missionaries who live hours away from the capital will come here to stay for a few days if they need to do shopping, other business, or just take a break and have some consistent electricity! Living here has been great because we are able to meet many people who we wouldn't normally come in contact with - missionaries from the IMB and other agencies as well as volunteer teams who stay here.
The compound here is very nice and there is an amazing playground right outside our front door! There is also a basketball/tennis court where the girls like to play with balls, 'play' tennis, have races around the court, and play with the giant parachute. Here are some pics of the girls enjoying the playground:This is what the girls call 'the tower'. Have you seen the movie Tangled? They love that movie and so this is where we always play Rapunzel. Whoever is Rapunzel lets their hair down by the ladder where the evil stepmother (Sarah) climbs up into the tower.

This is the gigantic swing set! In the background is the basketball/tennis court.

Good old teeter totter!

The tire swing - they scream like girls on this thing!!

The trampoline. Now whoever came up with this idea is a genius - the trampoline is not only enclosed with a net, but it's also in the ground! We don't have to worry about them falling off or always be there to help them on and off. They love performing ballet shows and doing tricks on the trampoline!
Aren't they too cute?

Picnic area (aka mommy or daddy rest area)

There's even a play area for the littlest kiddos. I've never seen my girls play on this, but they had to get a picture with every piece of playground equipment!

The little swing set

Lauren loves to swing!

As you can see, there's a lot to do here! We really are blessed to have this playground, especially considering that other than this one there are only 3 other playgrounds in all of Niamey -- 2 of which cost admission to go to, and the 3rd is at the Christian school, so it's not always open to go to. The girls are having lots of fun and we're enjoying being here at the guest house!


  1. Lauren is HUGE!!! Wow...She is growing so much!

    What a great blessing!

  2. so glad the girls have a place to play! looks like they are good at using their imaginations. i had to laugh at the story of rapunzel and sarah being the evil stepmother...haha cute! thinking and praying for you to check up on the blog. got your newsletter tonight. great to hear from you. God bless and love ya! Laura Marzen