Jody and Sarah Fox - this phase of our Journey as IMB missionaries in Niger, West Africa

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Swirly's Got Legs!!

Who knew so much excitement could come from a tadpole? Yep, we have tadpoles! It all started when we took a walk from our house in Boubon to the Niger River. The girls saw tadpoles and they just had to have some. I (Sarah) couldn’t resist because…well, I’ll be honest I was almost as excited as them since I love nature and science. The girls have wanted a pet (a kitten is at the top of the list), so I figured this would be an easy pet and give the girls something to take care of until the time is right for a kitten.

So the next day we went to the river with some jars and caught a dozen or so tadpoles. By the time they were jostled on the walk home, jostled on the car ride to Niamey, and messed with by the girls, only 1 survived! They named him Swirly because he has a spiral design on him. We researched how to take care of him, what to feed him, and went to the library for some tadpole and frog books.

I am amazed at the girls excitement over a tadpole. I never thought a pet that couldn’t be played with (though they’ve tried) could be so much fun. We fed him, changed his water, and waited…until, “Swirly’s got legs!!” They loved seeing this transformation taking place right before their eyes. Jody’s a bit worried that they’re getting too interested in science…but he will have to get over it.

The next week when we went back to Boubon we returned to the river and got Swirly some friends. This time 4 survived the transition and now most of them are growing legs too. Since we can’t tell these apart they all share a collective name “Poopy Misters” because their tank does not stay clean very long!

Our girl’s adjustment has been more difficult than we expected. They have struggled with the language barrier more than I thought they would. I knew they wouldn’t pick up the language as they stepped off of the plane, but I did think they would love playing with kids whether or not they could communicate. This has not been the case! Camryn and Jordan are in the stage of play where there is a constant dialogue between characters and since they can’t speak with other kids, they would rather just play with each other. It’s been slow going in the village for friendships, so please continue to pray for them in this area. One thing we have realized they really enjoy here is animals, so we are trying to capitalize on that. So instead of saying, “ok kids, we’re going out to meet some new people” I say, “ok kids we’re going to see the kittens (or the bunnies, or baby chicks, or donkeys, etc.)” Of course we hope that that will soon change to “ok let’s go visit Marjeto (or Farita, or Raphea, etc.)”. But for now we’ll be patient and visit all the animals in the village!

Camryn reading to the tadpoles a book called "Tale of a Tadpole"

The tadpoles admiring the book

Lauren showing off the tadpoles

Jordan riding a donkey. She had a blast!

Jordan holding 2 kittens

Jordan and her best friend...

Our 'pet' chameleon Pascal who lives in our compound.

Friday, November 18, 2011

November Prayer Letter