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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How to buy a watch in Niger (23 easy steps)

1. Realize the only watch you brought with you is broken and you need to know what time it is to keep up with life.

2. Go to a store to buy a watch.

3. See that the cheapest watch is $90 and leave the store with no watch.

4. Learn the French word for ‘watch’, which is montre.

5. Go to the market to buy a watch.

6. Get lost in a maze of people and craziness.

7. Find an 8 year old boy who will hopefully help lead you to someone selling watches.

8. Follow the boy through the market, then leave the market, cross a busy street, walk past a dozen “stores” selling electronics and other random things, but still no watches.

9. Have a man tell the boy who you are following where to go to find watches.

10. Go back across the street and return back towards the market where you were.

11. After more walking, miraculously end up at a man sitting at a table with a pile of about 30 watches on it along with a pile of ‘spare watch parts’.

12. Realize all the watches are men’s watches, but since you have no desire to hunt for more watch ‘stores’, you ask for the smallest one. There are two smallish ones – shimmering gold and silver.

13. Tell the man you like the silver one.

14. Have the man fit it on your wrist (first class service indeed).

15. Ask how much it costs.

16. Have the man tell you it costs 4500 francs (about $9)

17. With much excitement say, “I’ll take it!”

18. Pay the boy some money for helping you.

19. Have your husband make jokes about your watch.

20. In reply say, “Look, it’s a CASIO!, it’s even brand new, look the plastic covering is still on the face.”

21. Have your husband reply, “Yeah, it was new back in 1980.”

22. Realize there will never be an end to jokes about the watch, but nonetheless you had a memorable experience and are grateful to know what time it is.

23. One week later, see a man in your village wearing… the exact same watch!

The Infamous "Casio"

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