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Thursday, December 22, 2011

New Kittens

Just wanted to quickly introduce you to our two pets. When we moved to Africa we talked about getting the girls a kitten when we moved to the village. I (Jody) am not a cat person, but I do love my children and they did want kittens. So when we moved to Boubon a few weeks ago we started looking for a kitten. Since the girls wanted a kitten and not a cat we had to find a young one so it would be a kitten longer. My friend Mounkaila found a kitten for me and called me and he told me he would pick it up for me. I agreed at first, but then called him back and told him I had another kitten I was going to try to get so don’t worry about it. He said Ok and we went and got ourselves a little black kitten. As I was driving away with the black kitten, Mounkaila called me to tell me he had picked up the kitten for me. I was thinking, “I told you not to” which apparently means, “do it anyway.” I thought briefly about having two kittens, but quickly came to my senses and remembered I don’t even like cats. However, when I got to where Mounkaila was working and saw the kitten, he looked pathetic. I took one look at the cat and knew I could not send him back to where Mounkaila got him. He looked sick, starved and tired so without my wives permission (she was not present for any of this) I now had two kittens.

Our girls love them. However, they did pick two strange names for kittens – Richard and Samuel. Why these names? Well I think Jordan named the black one Richard because that’s my middle name (I’m so honored) and I have no idea why Camryn named the white one Samuel. I pushed hard for Snowball or Tiger or something cute but in the end Richard and Samuel it is.

At first I found them cute and still do, but now I have remembered why I am not a cat person. Cats don’t learn, they just don’t care, they’re going to do their own thing no matter what you want. Sounds a bit like our sin nature…hmmm…maybe there is an application here somewhere for a new blog topic…we’ll see.

Lauren and Samuel

Jordan and Richard

Camryn and Samuel

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