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Sunday, June 24, 2012

30 Days of Prayer for the Songhai People

This year the Songhai team is having a month of prayer for the Songhai people.  The Songhai team includes Mark and Parker Philips and Randy and Susan Saleeby as well as our family.  Together we have made a 30 day prayer and we are asking all our prayer supporters to join us in praying for the Songhai people  daily during the month of Ramadan.    

Beginning on July 20, Muslims around the world will take part in Ramadan, the holiday they celebrate by fasting from sun up to sun down for 30 days in order to gain favor with Allah. We are asking that you, our faithful prayer partners, gather your friends & family & commit to pray for the Songhai every day during this 30 day period. We've composed a prayer guide with specific things for you to pray about for each of those 30 days. We are also asking that at the end of Ramadan, on August 18, you & your group will meet together to have a meal using free recipes & resources provided by the IMB (found here & here). During this meal, you will prepare Sub Saharan African dishes & pray as a group for the Songhai on the same day they are breaking their 30 day fast. We are hoping that many groups will join in this project &, on August 18, all of us (including the Songhai team in Niger!) will be meeting to pray in one voice for the Songhai. Will you join us? If you're interested, please contact us at & we will gladly send you our prayer guide. (We will not be posting the prayer guide on the blog as we will not be using pseudonyms for this project & do not want this information on the blog.)

This would be a great activity for a small group, Sunday school class and even church.  When and if you meet together to have a meal using the free recipes & resources we could also plan on Skype with your group.  This would give us a great blessing in order to talk and see many of you on skype.  We pray that you will consider the opportunity. 

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