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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Adjusting to Life in a Village (Part 4)

The Difficulties of Village Life
Written by: Jody

There can be many difficulties living in an African village.  I will try to give you a snap shot of some of them.  Although I do complain about these difficulties, I don’t want you to think that I hate the culture we live in or even the people we minister to.  Keep in mind, the difficulties are many and some days are harder than others, but we love our ministry and the people we minister to.

Some of you have lived without a microwave before, however, we have not until just recently.  Let me say that when most things are cooked from scratch eating left overs makes life much easier, but when you don’t have a microwave to warm them up, life is just harder.   You may think that’s not such a big deal but when you live here it becomes a big deal, faster.  However, we are so thankful that a team from the states brought us a microwave a few months ago.  God is good.

Dust is everywhere.  It seems like dusting is just a big waste of time.  By the next day the whole house needs it again.  This is probably worse in the cold season because of all the wind. 

Thorns everywhere.  A day hardly goes by where I am not walking through the village and having to stop and pull a thorn out of my foot. 

How dirty our girls manage to get everyday.  In the states you could get away with a few baths a week.  But here a shower is necessary most nights for our little ones.  When your yard is literally a sand box and the girl’s think sand angels are so cool, you can understand right?

The language barrier is definitely difficult.  When I walk around I often talk about what I know, but inevitably the conversation will change to something I don’t know with words that I don’t know.  Everybody is participating and even some times laughing, leaving me standing there feeling like a loser and wondering if they’re all laughing at me. 

And finally the heat.  We are currently at the end of hot season and by the grace of God the rainy season is coming soon.  Most days are well over 100 and nights are around 100.   We do have fans which help with air movement and at night we are able to use air conditioners to help us sleep.  But when the electric goes out the hot, stale, non moving air is overwhelming.  Especially when I have to wear pants all the time. 

Again, these are some difficulties out of many I could mention.  But please remember that even though these are frustrating realities for us, we love what God has called us to do and press on in the joy of the Lord.  Although some days can be harder than others. 

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