Jody and Sarah Fox - this phase of our Journey as IMB missionaries in Niger, West Africa

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Random Pictures and Videos

We wanted to share some random pictures and videos of our family and village with you.  Enjoy!!!

Lauren enjoying the swing that Grandma and Grandpa bought her.

Jordan on the swing!

My wife loves to have animals around our house.  So for the third time we have bought chickens.  Let's hope these ones stay alive.  However, Camryn is still learning how to catch a chicken, check out this video.

Camryn's unique swinging style.

Lauren and the Richard (the black cat).  Richard has just been banished from our house.  So he is now an outdoor cat.  He would just not learn to use a litter box.

This is one of my friends and his two children...I meet with him each Friday.

This is my friend's daughter 

Sarah and one of her friends...

Camryn and one of our chickens...

This is the main Mosque in the middle of our village.

Camryn demonstrating her African skills

Jordan and friends

This is near the market in our village and one of the main roads.

Camryn and her toys.

Lauren is mom's little helper and wants to help Sarah a lot.  Here she is helping make rice.

Our house help and friend.  

Jordan and her swing.

This is what you see when you look over our compound wall.  The sticks in the front of the picture is where the cows are on market day (Wednesday) and the farther part of the picture is the soccer field where they play soccer each night and on market day they sell all kinds of things, mainly goats and sheep.

Lauren and Richard.  She loves to carry this cat around but I am not so sure the cat always likes it.

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  1. Love this!!! Camryn was so funny trying to catch a chicken!!!