Jody and Sarah Fox - this phase of our Journey as IMB missionaries in Niger, West Africa

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Just another day in Niger...

Written by: Sarah

Other than “death by chocolate” ice cream one of the things I miss most about America is attending a local church.   When we were in Niamey we went to a church, but since we were still new in the language we hardly understood anything.  And now we live in Boubon –  a village with about 10 mosques, but no church.  And of course, we are here to plant a church and are working towards that, but for now we miss not being able to attend a church service each week.  
So this past week, we took an adventure and went to church.  Yes, I said an adventure.  There’s not much you can do here without the word adventure written all over it!  We woke up, packed some water bottles, snacks, and a change of clothes for the girls.  Our friend also wanted to go with us, so he and our family left the house around 8:30.  We took a 10 minute walk to the river.  

Lauren fell and skinned her elbow – we patched her up with a band-aid and got in a boat and took a 10 minute boat ride across the Niger River to the village of Sorando.  

Thankfully, we did not see any hippos because they have been migrating up the river.  Once in Sorando we navigated the streets, greeting people along the way.  The road we were going to go on was flooded because of recent rains, so we had to walk out of the way to another road.  We walked through a very nice wooded area and discovered a playground set.  But we had to push on because we didn’t know what time church would start.  By this time our friend was carrying Lauren.  We reached a paved road and walked along it the remaining way to the church. 

We finally arrived a little before 9:30.  The doors were open, but no one was there yet, so Jody went to find the pastor.  

He came out and greeted our family and told us church starts at 10:00.  As we waited, the girls had a snack, used the bathroom, found some snails, and decided to build a house for these new pets. 

"Squatty Potty"

Church started at 10, we sang some songs (in both French and Zarma).  There was only one song that we knew and could sing.  The pastor taught in Zarma and we could follow along fairly well.  Other than us, there were about 8 people at the service.  The service ended at 11:30 and pastor asked Jody to close in prayer.  We spoke with a few people afterwards, collected the girl’s snails, and then began our journey back home.

The way home was a bit more leisurely because A) we weren’t rushed for time and B) we were tired.  On the way home we saw ostriches, turtles, and geese.  

We also took the time to play on the playground we passed on the way out.  We discovered a zip line!  This was just about as good as discovering gold!  So we rested and let the girls play a while.  

Once we reached the riverside in Sorando a huge mob of kids had collected behind us.  As we pushed off from shore they were all waving at us.  It’s like we were celebrities or something.  Two girls even jumped in and swam after us.  

The boat ride home took longer because we were going against the current.  Still no hippos.  We reached the other side and continued our walk home (snails still in tow).  We got home at about 1:00.  Whew!  What a morning!


  1. What a blessing to see a church there. May God Bless you.

  2. Getting to church is not always such an adventure! :) Fun!