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Friday, May 17, 2013

Graduation Day

Written by: Sarah

This past year I have been homeschooling our girls.  For the most part I enjoy it, but it does take lots of time and energy!  And for that reason I am ready for a summer break.  This was our first full year of homeschooling and so we wanted to celebrate the end of the year and make it a special time for our girls.  We wanted to give them something to look forward to as well as reward them for their accomplishments.

So, here’s what we came up with.  First of all, we had a special graduation ceremony for our girls.  They sat in a row with their graduation caps as their principal (Jody) spoke to them about their school year.  Then I gave a speech recognizing each child and the special things they had done this past year.  Finally, they each came to the front to receive a certificate and a gift.  Camryn graduated from the first grade.  Jordan graduated from kindergarten.  And Lauren graduated from playing quietly while mommy taught her sisters.

All the girls in their graduation caps!
Lauren gets her certificate
Jordan graduates from Kindergarten!
Camryn's so excited, can you tell?
Yeah!  No more school!

After our ceremony we had a fun activity planned – a shaving cream fight!  When Jody was growing up this was what the kids in his school always did on the last day of school.  However, Jody was never allowed to participate because they would run all over town and he assumes his parents did not want him getting hit by a car.  So he wanted to continue the tradition in a safer environment and finally be able to participate.  Camryn and Jody loved it, Jordan hated it, Lauren refused to participate, and I got it all on camera.  Maybe next year it will be more of a hit!

Shaving cream...Lauren's mad about the whole thing.
At least Camryn had fun getting messy!
Cleaning up in the outdoor shower was fun though
We all enjoyed our last day of school and are very excited for our summer break.  We’re looking forward to teams coming to minister with us, a retreat in Kenya, six summer interns who will be with us in July and August, and more opportunities to be out in our village spending time with people and sharing the gospel.

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